Review Part 2: The Cricut EasyPress

Cricut Easy Press Review | Still from a Mothers Day Animation | The Content Designer blog

Last week I showed you The Cricut Maker. A tool that has become integral to creating my stop motion animations.

This week I’m showing you The Cricut EasyPress machine. Another tool that has made my life so much easier and my creative project possibilities, endless.

Features of the Cricut EasyPress 2

  • It’s incredibly easy to use! The Easy Press gives you precise temperature control up to 205°C.

  • The Cricut EasyPress is available in 3 sizes: 6”x7”, 9”x9” (I have this one) and 12”x10”.

  • Iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. They are also washable. Perfect for customising t-shirts, clothes, baby blankets and shopping totes. You can even try it on wood!

  • It’s super-safe. An insulated safety base keeps the EasyPress heat plate safe and protected. Plus an auto shut-off feature turns the EasyPress off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Importantly use The EasyPress with the EasyPress Mat. The mat has five layers of heat-resistant, moisture-wicking insulation and is available in three sizes. The mat is perfect for protecting the surfaces you’re working on.

Perfect for Stop Motion Animation

I wanted to create a Mothers Day animation with a baby grow and a growing flower. The idea being, a flower grows with a baby grow that emerges from abed of flowers. At the end of the animation, the baby grow gives the Mum a flower, by turning the flower on the baby-grow, into a real one. See the animation at the end of this post - it will make sense when you see it!

Materials for This Project

  • 6 baby grows. Once for each stage of the flower growing.

  • Pink glitter iron on (this is my absolute favourite Cricut iron on material. The colour is gorgeous).

  • Green everyday iron on material.

  • Yellow card-stock (I didn’t have yellow iron on and used paper to finish the flower just for the purposes of the animation).

  • Cricut weeding tool.

  • Scissors

Cricut Easy Press Review | The Content Designer blog

How The Cricut EasyPress Works

The Cricut EasyPress starts heating up as soon as you press the on button - with kids around I find it important that it doesn’t start heating as soon as you plug it in. That’s a nice safety feature. Plus it powers off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

When you’ve decided on your chosen iron on material and the material you want to iron onto, you can programme the temperature you need. Refer to the very user friendly Cricut material quick reference guide, so you know the exact settings to use.

When the EasyPress has reached the required temperature, the button with the Cricut logo will flash from red to green.

Certain materials require you to press for a certain amount of time. The EasyPress has a handy timer you can programme. As soon as you start pressing, hit the Cricut logo button and it will set the timer off so you know when you stop.

Weeding the iron on transfer material ready for the Cricut Easy Press | The Content Designer blog

I cut the iron on material on my Cricut Maker. Don’t forget to check the ‘mirror’ option when cutting iron on material because it cuts back to front.

With the weeding tool, I took the unwanted iron on material from my flower and leaf designs.

I cut the designs to size ready to be pressed on the baby grows.

Pressing the iron on material onto fabric with the Cricut Easy Press | The Content Designer blog

Carefully I placed the iron on design in place on the baby grow, which was sitting on the Cricut EasyPress Mat.

For the everyday iron, as you can see in the GIF above, for 100% cotton material, the temperature required is 155°C. I needed to press for 30 seconds and a further 15 seconds on the back (this is all information stated in the material reference guide mentioned above so don’t worry if you’re unsure what to do).

After allowing the protective plastic to cool (it gets VERY hot!), I gently peeled it off and voila!

I added the glitter iron on top of the green everyday iron material. This requires a hotter setting at 165°C. I did use heat proof paper to protect the everyday iron on material whilst I placed the hotter EasyPress over the glitter iron on material. Just to be on the safe side.

On the final baby grow with the flower, I glued a paper flower centre for the purposes of the animation. You could use gold glitter iron on for a gorgeous permanent solution!

Cricut EasyPress Review | Animation still for Mothers Day 2019 | The Content Designer blog

Ready to Animate

The whole process took under an hour! To make the shapes, cut them on the Cricut Maker and then iron the designs onto the baby grows. It was so easy and convenient.

The paper flowers you see in this animation I also cut on the Cricut Maker using 216gsm cardstock.

Here’s the final animation:

I also used the Cricut EasyPress and EasyPress Mat at a crafternoon tea event in London, that I attended with my Mum. What a great afternoon that was. I made this lovely Flamingoing Mad tote bag with the Cricut glitter iron on material. It’s lush!

As always, I was inspired to animate it…

Shop the Easy Press here and iron on materials here.

Plus you can read more about the Cricut Maker in my review. It’s still one of my favourites pieces of kit when making stop motion animation props.

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The Cricut EasyPress Review | The Content Designer blog

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