Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Will Rix

In the 5th and final in this Masters of Content Creation series with influencer marketing platform Whalar, we chat with the lovely Will Rix, Content Executive.

This week I’ve already chatted to

Emily Freda Sharp, Visual Content Producer
Chelsea Carter, Head of Content & Community
Lauren Sherry, Associate Director & Head of Whalar Stars, Europe
Miranda Harle, Client Manager

Today Will shares his predictions for the future of content (ahem hint: video!) and how to tackle a creative brief.

Over to you Will…

Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Will Rix | The Content Designer Blog

Will Rix, Content and Community Executive at Whalar

1. What’s your name and where are you right now?
Will Rix - Currently at Whalar working on a pitch for a new idea I have for publishing a 'Creative Series' - in which I interview people who go against the grain within the creative industries. 

2. Describe what Whalar is and does? 
A premium influencer marketing company that also produces really good independent content. Under the umbrella of 'Liberating the Creative Voice' - we work to gather unique and relevant content from all walks of life for brands and audiences alike. 

The best content always occurs when creators use their unique spark to ignite a brief into life. 

3.  What do you look for in a content creator?
Innovation, not selfies. 

4. How do you like content creators to tackle a creative brief?
To use it as a source of inspiration, not as a boundary. The best content always occurs when creators use their unique spark to ignite a brief into life. 

5. What tool set does a good content creator need?
With modern phones the possibilities are virtually endless - as most of our creators are free-lance, time management is probably always a factor. 

6. Art school or school of life?
Hmmmm, I loved the academia of university and how you can immerse yourself in past movements and theories, I think there's always a place for study and sometimes those skills are more transferable than you think. 

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Take 3 seconds before answering a question.

I think high-quality short videos could be on the rise. Particularly with the increasing picture quality of phones - ‘trailer like’ content can work really well

8. What’s the best advice you’d like to give (to budding artists, designers, content creators etc)?
Find a niche and invest in your style, it probably won't happen over night. 

9. Can you give us an insight into future trends.  Or what content creators should be doing to ensure they stay ahead of the influencer game and in the eyes of brands? 
As I don't work on the commercial team, I'm probably not the best authority to answer this question... But in terms of brands, I think high quality short videos could be on the rise. Particularly with the increasing picture quality of phones - 'trailer like' content can work really well - kind of like what Nike are currently doing. It's a higher barrier of creative entry, so it often filters out the less creatively skilled.

10. Imagine this scenario:
You’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime. You have half an hour to pack and you’re only allowed to take 1 piece of hand luggage. What’s the opportunity and what do you pack?

(NB: In your suitcase you already have your toothbrush, toothpaste, basic toiletries, phone & phone charger and the capsule wardrobe necessary for your trip. There’s only a small amount of room left. So it could be a luxury item, lucky charm, tools you can’t do without, book etc etc - the more creative the better!)

A notepad with all the best writing ideas I've ever had, even subconsciously, but really well organised. The opportunity; somewhere by the sea where there's a writing grant waiting for me - only if I can pitch a few good ideas!

Thanks Will. Really looking forward to reading your Creative Minds series. We hope you get that writing grant too!

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