Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Lauren Sherry

Today I’m really happy to introduce you to Lauren Sherry, Associate Director at Whalar who heads up the European arm of Whalar Stars. If you’re a content creator who wants to stand out in influencer marketing , or a brand hoping to implement a successful creative campaign, Lauren’s advice is GOLD.

Whalar Stars (subsidary of Whalar) is a global talent management company, representing an array of handpicked creators from around the world. Talent such as the brilliant @drcueda, @anniset, @allthatisshe, @hannahargyle and @carolinesouth.

Taking inspiration from the top content creators in the industry, Lauren explains why thinking outside of the box and letting creativity shine through is key to standing out in a crowded creative marketplace (Lauren’s resume also includes Talent Manager at Gleam, agents to a YouTube star or two, so she knows a thing or two about what makes great content).

Over to you Lauren…

Masters of Content Creation: Whalar Stars Lauren Sherry | The Content Designer Blog

1. What’s your name and where are you right now? 
Lauren Sherry and I am on route to a P&G panel to talk about the mysterious world of Influencer Marketing 

2. Describe what Whalar Stars is and why it’s unique.
Whalar Stars is the Talent Management arm of Whalar. We are working with Whalars go to creators. The people the Whalar team recognised as being amongst the best talent on the platform and the storytellers who we wanted to form deeper relationships with.

3.  What do you look for in a content creator?
I look for someone who makes me stop and look when I'm mindlessly scrolling on the gram! I want to work with people who's content is inspiring and resonates with me

4. How do you like content creators to tackle a creative brief? 
With Creativity.
Think outside the box and think BIG.
Dare to try something different and surprise the brand with ideas they hadn't even thought of.

Follow a career path because you’re passionate about it and not just for the financial rewards....hard work will pay off! 

5. What tool set does a good content creator need?
Professionalism is key. In such a crowded space, reputation goes a long way and people talk! 

6. Art school or school of life?
I can't draw/paint/sketch for toffee so for me it'd be Art school.

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 
Be nice to people on your way up as you'll meet them on your way down.

8. What’s the best advice you’d like to give (to budding artists, designers, content creators etc)?
To follow a career path because you're passionate about it and not just for the financial rewards. Also, you can never stop learning. Always look to develop and grow your skill set as this will go a long way.

Finally, hard work will pay off! 

Brands are all about the gram and stories so make sure you are present on both and posting regularly.
Consistency is key! 

9. Can you give us an insight into future trends. Or what content creators should be doing to ensure they stay ahead of the influencer game and in the eyes of brands? 
Brands are all about the gram and stories so make sure you are present on both and posting regularly. Consistency is key! 

10. Imagine this scenario:

You’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime. You have half an hour to pack and you’re only allowed to take 1 piece of hand luggage. What’s the opportunity and what do you pack?

(NB: In your suitcase you already have your toothbrush, toothpaste, basic toiletries, phone & phone charger and the capsule wardrobe necessary for your trip.

There’s only a small amount of room left. So it could be a luxury item, lucky charm, tools you can’t do without, book etc etc - the more creative the better!)

Gosh this is hard! I guess as a fan of Castaway I'd have to bring a basketball and have my very own Wilson moment! 

Thank you Lauren for your insights from Whalar Stars point of view. Other than staying true to our creative voices, it’s very clear that professionalism and consistency are key to success working with brands.

We hope you get to live out that WILSON moment one day!

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