Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Chelsea Carter

Are you an artist, designer, photographer or content creator looking to gain work in influencer marketing ? Or a brand hoping to run a successful influencer marketing campaign?

As part of this weeks special Masters of Content Creation series, I’ve interviewed some of the team from influencer marketing platform Whalar.

Yesterday we heard from Visual Content Producer, Emily Freda Sharp. Today we talk to Chelsea Carter, Head of Content and Community.

Chelsea shares her insights into how creators should tackle a creative brief and why the best content creators embrace bending the rules.

Over to you Chelsea…

Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Chealsea Carter | The Content Designer Blog | Learn to make beautiful visual content for Instagram

1. What’s your name and where are you right now?
My name is Chelsea Carter, and I am in Whalar's London HQ, at my desk looking out of the window at a grey and rainy Shoreditch.

2. Describe what Whalar is and does?
Whalar is an influence and content creation platform with a focus on high quality content made by the best content creators. We work with creators and advertisers to produce beautiful and engaging branded content.

3.  What do you look for in a content creator?
Someone willing to take a risk and produce something different and thought provoking.

4. How do you like content creators to tackle a creative brief?
By asking lots of questions, making sure they fully understand what is laid out and then doing what they do best - create!

I think it’s integral for content creators to have a wider awareness of creativity - one that exists outside of the squares on Instagram.

5. What tool set does a good content creator need?
The ability to take inspiration from lots of places - I recently met creator, artist, and needleworker @__hiedra__ and I was in awe of her art book collection and knowledge of art history. I think it's integral for content creators to have a wider awareness of creativity - one that exists outside of the squares on Instagram.

Textile Designer, Illustrator, Latina, UK based Sofia Salazar | The Content Designer Blog | Learn to make beautiful visual content

6. Art school or school of life? 
It was the school of life for me - but if I had the chance to I'd love to go to art school.

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Tell a story as you'd tell it to your mates down the pub.

8. What’s the best advice you’d like to give to budding artists, designers, content creators etc?
Tell a story as you'd tell it to your mates down the pub. Seriously - I read a lot of articles and I can't help thinking that it would be improved if the writer just simplified.

The reason brands want to work with you is because you’ve nailed something they can’t.

9. Can you give us an insight into future trends.  Or what content creators should be doing to ensure they stay ahead of the influencer game and in the eyes of brands? 
I would be wary of trying to be what brands want - the reason brands want to work with you is because you've nailed something they can't.

But in terms of trends, platform hacking (where you slightly bend the rules of the platform you are using to create content) is very popular. The Instagram creator @pablo.rochat is a great example of this, who hacks the Instagram platform to create tongue in cheek content.

10. Imagine this scenario: You’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime. You have half an hour to pack and you’re only allowed to take 1 piece of hand luggage. What’s the opportunity and what do you pack?

(NB: In your suitcase you already have your toothbrush, toothpaste, basic toiletries, phone & phone charger and the capsule wardrobe necessary for your trip.

There’s only a small amount of room left. So it could be a luxury item, lucky charm, tools you can’t do without, book etc etc - the more creative the better!)

Definitely my notebook and pen - scribbling down my thoughts helps me process even if they are totally ineligible to everyone else!

Thanks Chelsea, this is such fantastic advice for visual content creators. It shows the importance of not being afraid of taking creative risks and standing out from the crowd.

I would also recommend Studio by Whalar. It offers fantastic insights and information about navigating the creative industries and influencer marketing.

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