Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Miranda Harle

In the 4th instalment of this week Masters of Content Creation series with influencer marketing platform Whalar, I speak to Miranda Harle, Client Manager.

Miranda shares her knowledge about what really excites a brand when they discover a content creator and what she’s learnt from Beyonce ;)

Over to you Miranda…

Masters of Content Creation: Whalar's Miranda Harle | The Content Designer Blog

Miranda Harle, Client Manager

1. What’s your name and where are you right now?
Miranda, and I'm at my desk at Whalar right now! Coffee in hand, of course.

2. Describe what Whalar is and does?
We're a platform for creators with influence, focusing on high-quality creative above all else.

3. What do you look for in a content creator?
I look for people who are doing something atypical, with a creative that's fresh, new and visually intriguing.

4. How do you like content creators to tackle a creative brief?
It sounds obvious, but to really pay attention to the guidelines. I love a collaborative approach, so sending over your ideas if you need to discuss! We're here to be a sounding board as well :)

Other than that, I love to see pieces that are really creative (any moving content is always such a bonus).

Always trust your own creative, and follow your own direction.

5. What tool set does a good content creator need?
Sticking to deadlines, reading a brief thoroughly, a little bit of flexibility (we all know clients aren't always the most reliable)...and signature flair!

Knowing that I can rely on a creator to always produce quality work that is on-brief, on-time and creative is amazing, and means I'll definitely keep pushing clients to work with them!

6. Art school or school of life?
School of life. Beyonce taught me well.

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The more things on your tray, the slower you need to walk. Shout out to my high school english teacher for this one. When things get overwhelming it's important to take a moment.

8. What’s the best advice you’d like to give (to budding artists, designers, content creators etc)?
To always trust your own creative, and follow your own direction. I love finding accounts that are doing something new - to discover the trend setters.

There's always going to be someone looking for your style, they may just not have found you yet!

Brands love to see diversity in content types more and more - being able to produce a mixture of stills, videos, stop motions and cinemagraphs.

9. Can you give us an insight into future trends. Or what content creators should be doing to ensure they stay ahead of the influencer game and in the eyes of brands?
I think brands (and Whalar!) love to see diversity in content types more and more - being able to produce a mixture of stills, videos, stop motions and cinemagraphs. When I find someone who can do multiple formats really well they are an absolute diamond to me!

0. Imagine this scenario:
You’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime. You have half an hour to pack and you’re only allowed to take 1 piece of hand luggage. What’s the opportunity and what do you pack?

(NB: In your suitcase you already have your toothbrush, toothpaste, basic toiletries, phone & phone charger and the capsule wardrobe necessary for your trip. There’s only a small amount of room left. So it could be a luxury item, lucky charm, tools you can’t do without, book etc etc - the more creative the better!)

Can I bring Christian Bale? To go travelling with unlimited funds and no time limits.

Thanks Miranda. It’s so interesting to hear about what you look for in a content creator. Throughout this series, remaining true to your creative voice feels like the most important thing content creators can do.

And can we join you on that trip with Cristian Bale ;)

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