Masters of Content Creation: Caroline South

Masters of Content Creation: Caroline South


Meet Caroline South. If you haven’t seen Caroline’s Instagram account, where have you been?!

Caroline’s account is still at the top of my all time favourite Instagram accounts and her work never fails to inspire me. I regularly use her account in my workshops and talks as an example of how to make beautiful content for social media.

From composition and colour, Caroline is a master of content creation. She has also highlighted the issue of plastic pollution through her beautiful and powerful imagery. Images that literally take my breath away with their attention to composition and colour detail.

I’m thrilled she is the first artist to feature in this new series. A series I’m so excited to finally share.

Design and create things you truly love and that inspire you, not what you think will do well or that is on trend.
— Caroline South

About Masters of Content Creation

The Masters of Content Creation series aims to highlight the visual artists and creative visionaries on Instagram, that do everything right. Creatives we can learn from and be inspired by. From composition and colour, to originality of thought and a high level of skill. These are the people to learn from and follow when it comes to making great imagery for social media.

I’ve asked the Masters of Content Creation to answer 9 interview questions to give us an insight into their process and to share advice for budding image makers, designers, artists and content creators.

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Now, on with the interview…

Master of Creation Caroline South, Instagram content creator. Ombre beach combed plastic composition,

Caroline South in 9 Questions

1. What’s your name and where are you right now?
I’m Caroline and I’m at my home in Bognor, West Sussex.

2. Describe your creative style?
I would say my style is colourful and organised. I like to play around with colour themed photographs, often organising object in rainbow, ombre or size order.

I like to use natural or found objects in my work where possible, also spray paint, emulsion and a knife and scissors for cut paper - and obviously I couldn’t be without my camera, tripod and laptop.


3. How do you tackle a creative brief?
When working with brands, I will use the product itself as inspiration for the content - the colours and patterns or perhaps the ingredients used in the product. Though I will also keep to my own aesthetic, often using my preferred colours, order and flat-lay style. Natural and found objects are included if possible.

4. How do you tackle creative block?
I find the best way to tackle creative block is to change my environment - get out for a beach walk or take a different route than usual. I’ll often take photos of textures or colour combinations that inspire me. Sometimes new ideas are where you would least expect them to be.

Doing something creative without worrying about the end result can help - sketchbook doodling, messy collage or watercolour painting.

Clearing my work area helps too, I often find a tidy desk allows space for new ideas to develop.

Master of Creation, Caroline South Instagram Content Creator. Lulu Guiness brand collaboration.

6. Art school or school of life?
Art school! I would so love to go back and study. I have this recurring dream where I’m doing my MA at the same university I studied for my degree. Hopefully one day!

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
When I finished my degree in 3DD Ceramics, my tutor told me to keep being creative - keep experimenting and designing. Also not to worry about the final piece and if or how it would be technically possible to create, just be imaginative and keep drawing down your creative ideas.

Master of Creation, Caroline South, Instagram Content Creator. Dotty leaf composition

8. What’s the best advice you’d like to give to budding artists/designers/content creators, etc?
My advice would be to do your own thing and believe in yourself (not always easy) Design and create things you truly love and that inspire you, not what you think will do well or that is on trend.

9. Imagine this scenario:
You’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime. You have half an hour to pack and you’re only allowed to take 1 piece of hand luggage. What’s the opportunity and what do you pack? (NB: In your suitcase you have a toothbrush, toothpaste, basic toiletries, phone & phone charger and the capsule wardrobe necessary for your trip.)
Ooh I’d love to see Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California. Or maybe beach-combing in Hawaii. I’d do a beach clean whilst looking for interesting pieces I could use in my work. It sounds obvious but I would have to take my camera with me - and a reusable bag for collecting.

Master of Creation, Caroline South, Instagram Content Creator. Rainbow books and camera composition
Master of Creation, Caroline South, Instagram Content Creator. Green plastic beach litter on pink.

Thank you Caroline!

Do follow Caroline on Instagram to continue to enjoy her stunningly beautiful compositions.

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