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About Georgie


Artist, photographer, stop-frame animator, content creator and social media visionary…

I have created social media happiness for the likes of Adobe, Club Med, Dior, Gousto Cooking, Marks & Spencer, Dior and Selfridges.

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The Importance of Visual Content

You Have Seven seconds to turn me on

It’s pretty simple… make me feel good and I’ll hang about.
You only have around seven seconds to capture the attention of your audience. 

Bad first impressions will see visitors clambering for the door before the first second is up. 
In other words, there’s no time for mistakes.

Aesthetics are everything

Strong visual content – photography, graphics, animation, video – captures attention. 

Instagram and Pinterest are so popular because they are full of stunning visuals. We can hang around on those sites for hours – drooling over beautiful stuff, feeling inspired, getting lost in a journey of possibility and, most importantly, feeling motivated to take action!

We’ll buy products or sign up to services simply because of captivating visuals. 

Simple Steps To Beautiful Visual Content

Whether or not you think you’re creative, beautiful visual content for social media that tells your story, or sells your products, is achievable. You just need some guiding principles, a simple set of tools, and someone to show you how to use them.

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